Teknoware Omni

LED spotlights for the automotive industry.

Versatile spotlight solutions improve travel safety and comfort, day and night. Teknoware Omni spotlights can be used to implement main, spot, night and reading lights or emergency lighting. By using different colour tones and dimming, you create the right mood for travel: premium interior lighting adds to the experience of comfort and relaxation. Dimming also has many other benefits, for example, reducing glare, increasing the lifetime of the light units and lowering energy consumption.

Teknoware Omni Recessed

Teknoware Omni Recessed

Teknoware Omni is a family of LED spotlights specially designed for use in the automotive industry. Omni's wide range of body colours and mounting options offer multiple choices for a variety of applications and systems. The whole product range is available with different supply voltages and colour temperatures.

Teknoware Omni Surface

Teknoware Omni is designed for use in the automotive industry and fully meets the requirements of UNECE R10.


Teknoware Omni Stair

Teknoware Omni Adjustable

Teknoware Omni Adjustable
Teknoware Omni Swan


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