Teknoware's 49th anniversary: ready for action with vigour when the international markets reopen

Next year Teknoware will have been in operation for a full 50 years. To mark the occasion, we asked the company for any thoughts or news they had to share. CEO Kai Kauto answered our questions on behalf of Teknoware.

How is Teknoware today?

Teknoware has just survived the market disturbance caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and is ready to head for future opportunities and challenges. We are going forward in good spirits, eager to see what happens when the markets open. We also hope that the current meeting restrictions will be lifted soon so that we can meet each other face to face again. We usually have our summer party around this time of year with our entire crew in Lahti, as well as a Christmas party towards the end of the year, but we haven’t been able to celebrate together for a long time now. Let’s hope we can have a Christmas party this year.

This year has been very unusual. Has the pandemic changed anything permanently?

Coronavirus has changed many things. Probably the main change was switching to remote work, along with the new modes of operation and system requirements involved. The exceptional conditions have also put our internal endurance to the test, both mentally and financially. However, our three different business areas as well as geographically distributed operations are an advantage. Our bus, train and emergency lighting operations progress in slightly different cycles in the world economy, which balances our overall situation. Had all our eggs been in one basket, the situation would certainly have been difficult.

You have been the CEO of Teknoware for ten years. What have you learnt during these years?

The decade has passed really quickly. Teknoware has made business acquisitions, expanded factories, developed many new products and broken new ground. I could not imagine a better workplace. We have a great team, great products and interesting business activities. What more do you need?

Your anniversary greetings

An agile company approaching its fiftieth anniversary, Teknoware has not been resting on its laurels during the pandemic: it has been developing new products and modes of operations to further improve its competitiveness. I’m sure Teknoware will be in peak condition when the markets reopen. So, let’s keep up the good work and ensure that we remain in top condition in the future!