Vehicle Lighting Electronics


Over the last four decades Teknoware's vehicle lighting electronics have earned an unbeatable reputation for reliability. The highest level of quality and reliability is reached because of high demands for the components we use. In addition, the continuously performed stress analysis of parts provides a strong basis for component selection and helps us to find reliable manufacturers for electrical components. We also carry out the life-cycle cost calculations, which helps in determining the correct lighting components needed in each case.

Our clients require vehicle lighting electronics for demanding conditions and applications, and it is our main aim to fulfil these requirements. We have long experience in designing electronics for different kinds of vehicle lighting applications.

Teknoware uses the most modern simulation tools to verify our designs, and we perform very comprehensive type testing for all our vehicle lighting electronics products. As part of the design process we are able to produce the prototypes for our vehicle lighting electronics in a very early stage .


We actively follow the requirements of our markets, and our product range is therefore continuously expanding. The vehicle lighting electronics product range covers a wide range of LED lighting units, power supplies for LED lighting units (mounting and handling instructions for LED cards) as well as fluorescent lighting inverters and halogen converters (mounting instructions for the previous devices) with or without dimming and other special features. So our standard range probably already has a suitable unit to meet your needs. Customized vehicle lighting electronics is another service we offer.

Teknoware vehicle lighting electronic products include numerous technical solutions and features like Active Dimming System, RGB Vehicle Lights /Mood Lighting, Light Colour Temperature Control System and TCN Controllable Lighting System, which guarantee the client the most cost-effective, safe, reliable and pleasant interior lighting.

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