Intelligent Lighting Control Systems

Teknoware´s Intelligent Lighting Control Systems include multiple technical solutions and features that automatically regulate different parameters for lighting, such as the intensity and the colour temperature of the light. These are formed by Active Dimming, Light Colour Temperature, and RGB Control Systems that guarantee our clients cost-effective, reliable and pleasant interior lighting with a range of moods.

Our TCN (Train Communication Network) Controllable Lighting Systems offer connections from Intelligent Light Controller (ILC) to Train Control and Management System (TCMS). Information about the lighting and its condition can be shared between the ILC and the TCMS. The vehicle interior lighting can also be controlled conveniently from the TCMS.

Active Dimming System

The control unit for the Active Dimming is an Intelligent Lighting Control System that uses sensors to adjust the interior lighting of a vehicle based on exterior light conditions. The control unit can be set for minimal lighting requirements, in which case the desired lighting level is obtained by the optimal use of the lights, that is, with minimal energy consumption. This significantly reduces the lifecycle costs of lighting. The active dimming of both LED and fluorescent works with Teknoware’s electronic unit.

Light Colour Temperature Control

This Intelligent Lighting Control System improves travel comfort by adjusting the colour temperature of the interior light. The different tones of the light have a significant biological impact on human activities and feelings. On a hot summer day, a cool white light creates a sense of cooler atmosphere, while a warm white light creates a feeling of warmth. The adjustment range of the colour temperature is available from 3000 Kelvin (warm white) to 5000 Kelvin (cold white) and all the way to 7000 Kelvin. Using different colour temperatures in illumination gives considerable variation to the appearance of the interior of the entire vehicle.

RGB-LED Lighting

The different tones of RGB-LED lights can achieve striking effects, or they can change the atmosphere of the illumination as needed. In an RGB-LED Intelligent Lighting Control System, components emitting red, green, and blue light are all in one LED. The brightness of the components can be adjusted separately, making it possible to create nearly all colour tones. RGB-LEDs also enable the guidance of passengers by using red and green lights for door indicators.

TCN Controllable Lighting System

For the transportation market, Teknoware has developed a real-time intelligent TCN Controllable Lighting System. The use of and industry standard enables the use of this Intelligent Lighting Control System independently or integrating the system to function with other devices supporting the architecture. This system controls and/or gives diagnostics from the interior lighting. The benefits of this Intelligent Lighting Control System are its reliability, speed and cost-effectiveness.  At the same time, it is user-friendly and gives designers more freedom.

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