Customized Vehicle Lighting Solutions


Teknoware has long experience in developing customized vehicle lighting solutions for clients all over the world. Our aim is to work in close cooperation with the client's designers from the very beginning of the project to ensure cost-effective customized vehicle lighting solutions. Vehicle Lighting is designed at Teknoware according to specific requirements, applicable norms and the design overview provided by the client. We have our own design team to provide customized vehicle lighting solutions for both electronics and mechanical parts.


The latest 3D design tools are used by our experienced product development and engineering teams. Teknoware also employs 3D modelling in stress analysis, thermal management and lighting simulations. This technology allows us to engineer from individual nano-lenses to complete customized vehicle lighting solutions. In addition, simulation results can be tested in our laboratory with imaging instruments and an integrating Ulbricht sphere.


One of our main goals is to provide cost-effective customized vehicle lighting solutions by considering in the engineering process the requirements of our clients in addition to the modularity of the products.

We are well-acquainted with different manufacturing processes and know-how to evaluate the manufacturing challenges of each specific product.


Teknoware has a long experience in light-level simulation. The simulation is performed by using a 3D model of an actual vehicle, ray tracing from the light units and reflections from different surfaces.

To get reliable simulation results, the correct reflection properties of different materials must be known. During the last decade, Teknoware has spent a lot of effort to build a comprehensive material property library to ensure correct simulation results. Nevertheless, new materials are introduced all the time, and therefore we might occasionally need to receive a sample of some material to ensure a correct simulation result for our customized vehicle lighting solutions. Simulation accuracy is commonly within +/- 5% of the real-life situation.


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