Bus Emergency Lights

Teknoware designs bus emergency LED lighting systems to meet the clients´ requirements and the appropriate standards. Using light level simulation, we optimize the amount and the positioning of the emergency light units for buses.

The products are developed according to client specifications and EU regulations

ECE R107 (Construction of Coaches and Buses incl. emergency lighting)
ECE R118 (Flammability of materials inside the bus and electrical cables)

We supply emergency lighting systems containing fibre optic Optiline™ Low Location Lighting, spotlights and illuminated exit signs. All units use efficient and dependable LEDs as light sources. The emergency lighting system can contain independent battery backed-up Power Supply Units (PSU) or consist of "self-contained" lights.

The emergency lighting system can consist of "self-contained" lights or it can contain independent battery backed-up Power Supply Units (PSU). The purpose of this PSU is to feed the LED emergency luminaries in case of electrical breakdown or other failure, thereafter the supply to the luminaries is taken from this battery. The floor-level Low Location Lighting and the extremely bright spotlights are highly visible, even in smoky conditions. Installation of the Teknoware LLL system is easy, thanks to its modular construction and ready-fit, waterproof connectors.

Bus Emergency Lights Emergency light