Bus Interior Lights


Teknoware offers a wide range of standard bus interior lights to meet clients' lighting needs with all different types of light sources. Standard bus interior lights are made from standardized elements to keep costs to the minimum and to meet the common bus standards for fire and smoke as well as EMC requirements. Electronics inside the standard bus interior light units are developed to take into consideration the overall market requirements. The main priority is to ensure reliability, high quality and long-life expectancy for each product. The required number and optimal locations of the standard bus interior light units or light lines can be determined with optimization. By optimization, initial costs and power consumption will be minimized. Easy installation has been taken into consideration in the design of the standard bus interior lights, so that the bus manufacturer can reduce their assembly times and therefore save production costs.  

The Teknoware Standard bus interior light range offers cost-effective solutions for clients, from lower quantities to larger contracts. It includes decorative and special light units to enhance passenger satisfaction and positive travel experience. To support the standard bus interior light, Teknoware’s product range also includes wireless bell push systems, bus stopping signs, optical fibre systems, step lights and bus emergency lighting systems. Bus LED reading lights are available in various configurations such as individual LED units, air vent modules or as complete multi-sets. 


Standard bus interior lights are used in diverse commercial vehicles, from city buses to coaches, but also in mini- and midi-buses, ambulances, military vehicles, special vehicles and marine applications. 

Teknoware’s bus interior light product range includes:
- Bus main lights
- Bus LED spotlights
- Bus LED reading lights
- Bus emergency lighting systems
- Wireless bell push systems
- Bus stopping signs
- Other bus lights
- Bus lighting spare parts

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