Wall and Dado Panels

Our wall and dado panels can come as part of a complete solution or individually, and they are always made to match customer needs and specifications. We can add elements such as lights, edge trims, power sockets, sound dampening, gaskets and liners to create the perfect interior solution for just about any rail car out there today — or in the future.

Typically, our panels use a range of high-pressure laminates, which are available in any number of colours and patterns. We also provide painted aluminium panels, or a bonded combination of two materials depending on needs in terms of strength, weight and flexibility.


Customisable — There are many applications available for your ideal solution.

Lightweight — Lightweight panels reduce fuel costs and allow for more passengers.

Stylish — Customise the form and surface finish to match the interior of your car.


Wainscot Panels

Flat and Formed Panels

Edge Trims

Power Sockets

Sound Dampening