Integrated Solutions

Teknoware is able to offer state-of-the-art LED lighting as fully integrated fittings to create complete interiors. Comfort and quality are central to such requirements and we supply everything from ceilings and partitions to dado panels and storage units. Whatever your demands, we will find a solution that just works — effectively and for a long time into the future.

For instance, lighting can be discreetly integrated in a ceiling or interior solution. Or alternatively, it can be used to create fascinating effects, such as reflecting animal shapes on the walls of a children’s play area or the logo of the rail operator in the car ceiling. You can also use lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere for instance in working areas or sleepers. All in all, lighting is an integral part of the environment.

We also recognise that train cars sometimes require an update to bring them up to speed with the latest technological and aesthetic market trends, and we’re just as happy carrying out refurbishments as we are working on entirely new projects. Technologies such as high-quality honeycomb panelling and high-pressure laminating ensure our solutions combine lightness and strength and retain their quality for many years.


Comprehensive Solution — A comprehensive, overall solution with lighting as an integral part of the interior, meeting the customer’s specific demands.

Versatile Options — Visible surfaces can be made of high-pressure laminates or painted aluminium, and have a curved or straight shape. In addition, lighting can be used to create special effects, such as shapes reflected in the ceiling or walls. 

Creating Atmosphere — You can use direct, indirect or RGB lights to create the desired atmosphere. Lighting is seamlessly integrated in the ceiling solution. 

Durable and of High Quality — Sandwich structure and high-pressure lamination ensure robust, light-weight solutions, and integrations are possible in both refurbishments and new projects alike.


Window to Window, Including Lighting and Sensors 

Central Ceiling Systems with Integrated Lighting 

Complete Panel Light Ceiling