Special Lighting Products and Applications

Lighting for train interiors doesn’t stop with the bare essentials. Teknoware’s commitment to a comprehensive service extends to any applications you may require for your train setup. Teknoware Extreme is a perfect example — a robust and reliable luminaire that is perfect for demanding applications such as doorsteps and gangways.


Door Threshold Lights — Lights are integrated into the door pillars and can include different functions, such as indicating for opening and closing doors, door out-of-service notices, or designation of doors reserved for disabled passengers. These functions are carried out by using RGB LED and master control units.

Individual Main Lights — Individual main lights can be fitted into areas that require specific measurements of lighting, such as vestibules and toilet corridors. Furthermore, refurbishment projects may feature older cars with internal structures that do not allow for the standard continuous runs of lighting. Lighting units can instead be designed according to the exact space, style and level of illumination that the space demands. 

Reading Lights — You can choose between modular or individual LED lighting installations. Individual lights ensure a balanced light distribution and low surface temperature to fit surroundings. Modular service units can come with directional spotlights, air ventilation nozzles and on/off service switches. All reading lights avoid glare to ensure other passengers can remain undisturbed.

Lights for Demanding Conditions — Teknoware Extreme is a robust and reliable lighting unit that is perfect for demanding applications such as doorsteps and gangways. It is built from aluminium, comes with IP67-certified water resistance and is able to withstand heavy impact. It has six super-bright CSP LEDs with optical silicone lenses that are resilient and provide safe and effective illumination when work needs to be carried out in extreme temperatures or weather conditions