Emergency Lighting

When it comes to emergency lighting, reliability is king. Emergency lighting must work when normal electrical illumination fails. Our emergency lighting can operate independently in a self-contained setup, or by using independent battery power supply units that come into play in case of electrical breakdown or power failure. 

We provide emergency lighting systems for trains based on both centrally supplied lights and self-contained units. They can be tailored for any market, and meet all applicable standards. The setup can be customised in terms of quantity and positioning according to the requirements of each rail car. All units use efficient and dependable LED lamps as light sources.


Certified for Global Use — Our solutions meet EN 50311, EN 50121 and EN 55015 radio interference suppression requirements.

Operational During Power Outage — In an emergency, the self-contained units are powered by their own backup power source, and the central battery models either by a separate central emergency lighting battery or the train’s battery.