Exterior Lighting

In many ways, the most important lighting on a train goes almost entirely unnoticed by its passengers — the light units that illuminate the exterior. Headlights, markers, tail lighting and indicator lights help an approaching train to be noticed from all directions, and enable the train driver to see ahead even in the most demanding conditions. 

Teknoware supplies durable and fully compliant exterior lighting solutions. Our flagship product in this segment is Teknoware Vision. This bright, multifunctional light unit sets itself apart from the competition with superior luminous efficiency and a stylish design. 

Teknoware’s extensive expertise means that we are able to provide exterior lighting solutions in whichever way works best for you. We offer fully bespoke solutions that are designed to the specific requirements of your rail car and the shape of the train nose.

Some of our products, such as Vision and Beam, can be used to replace old halogen lights. Our products meet the requirements found in every key market and are designed in accordance with all applicable standards. The modern and innovative design provides a highly efficient and reliable light source that fits in perfectly with any train’s aesthetics.


Reliability — The service life of our lights ensures continued functionality.

Conformity — Our products are designed to meet all necessary regulatory requirements.

Visibility — Excellent luminous efficiency ensures that Teknoware Vision lighting technology lives up to its name in harsh environments.

Stylish Design — Our LED exterior lighting solutions can be customised to fit any nose design in a manner that is both aesthetically and technically fitting.


  • Standard products Teknoware Vision and Teknoware Beam
  • Custom Housing with Existing Light Units
  • Fully Customised Solutions

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