Interior Lighting

When we deliver interior lighting, we are delivering a promise that passengers will be able to see clearly and feel at ease in their surroundings. Lighting can be adjusted to the amount and tone of natural light, with neutral white in the morning, colder tones during the day, and a warmer tone of white in the evening. In addition, energy can be saved by automatically adjusting the luminous efficiency to a lower output in sunny weather than on a cloudy day, for instance. That way, the passengers are sure to enjoy the travelling experience. 

Areas with dim or inadequate lighting on the train can make you feel unsafe, and with sufficient light available everywhere the journey feels safer and more comfortable. At Teknoware, product design emphasizes reliability and compatibility with the surrounding environment. 

Teknoware’s intelligent lighting control provides untold possibilities and enables you to improve the passenger experience through optimised lighting. Illumination can be brighter during daytime and dimmer on overnight journeys — it can even be utilised to prevent congestion, or adjusted for special occasions or for matching the colours of designated sports teams or special holidays.


Smart Main Lighting
Emergency Lighting
Special Lighting Products

  • Door Threshold Lights
  • Individual Main Lights
  • Reading Lights
  • Teknoware Extreme