Teknoware’s new factory expansion is filled with environmentally friendly technology

Teknoware’s latest factory expansion in Lahti, Finland, increased the production and office space with 4,500 m2. The new building is in operation since June 2016, with full speed. The new factory is dedicated for manufacturing LED lights and lighting electronics, using the latest, modern technology and machinery. The products manufactured at the new factory are aimed for global markets, for both vehicle and emergency lighting customers.

The investment for the new facilities and the highly automated machinery ensures fast deliveries for products with high volumes, ensures the fluent production of products with small and medium volumes, and makes it possible to expand the capacity quickly also in the future. The expansion also further increases the quality of the products, with climate controlled storage facilities, and automated testing systems.

The new factory takes care of the environment and helps to fight the climate change. The new facilities are equipped with an environmentally friendly, geothermal heating and cooling system, in order to keep the temperatures in the premises constantly at comfortable levels. All the lighting in the new building is based on the latest LED technology, controlled by sensors and timers, thus offering further savings in energy consumption. Electric cars have also been taken into account, by adding charging stations in the parking place. Renewable energy, produced by wind turbines and certified by EECS RES-GO, is used in all premises of Teknoware in Lahti, including the existing buildings and factories. This will help to reduce the carbon footprint of Teknoware as well as all its products.