Teknoware’s cloud service keeps you up to date about your emergency lighting systems

Are you aware of the status of the emergency lighting systems under your responsibility? As the owner or occupant of a building, the Rescue Act states that you are legally responsible for ensuring that emergency exits and escape routes are lit appropriately, allowing quick and safe exit from the property in case of emergency. The functionality of emergency lighting must be ensured by means of regular testing and maintenance, and documents proving the actions must be presented to the authorities upon request for supervision purposes. How do you do this and meet the regulatory requirements?

We have a solution that allows you to monitor the emergency lighting of your properties regardless of time and place and, at the same time, enables you to fulfil the regulatory requirements of the authorities. MyTeknoware cloud service gives you a real-time overview of all your emergency lighting systems, whether they are self-contained emergency lighting systems or central battery systems. You can add an unlimited number of systems to the cloud service. You can also print out the necessary testing and maintenance reports from the cloud service and present them to the authorities upon request.

Why use MyTeknoware?

A simple way to obtain all the information quickly
The portal provides an overview of all your emergency lighting systems at one glance. You can also choose to have the summaries and alarms sent directly to your email. You can monitor the emergency lighting systems in your properties using any terminal devices from anywhere and at any time.

Savings of time and money on maintenance
The service shows the status of your emergency lighting systems and the location of the units in the property. You will know the required spare parts in advance and can avoid unnecessary inspection rounds.

A safe way to meet the regulatory requirements
The cloud service provides an easy and secure way to collect and store the maintenance and test logs required by the authorities.  MyTeknoware is powered by Amazon (AWS), which ensures data security and timely updates.

How to start?

MyTeknoware can be used with Teknoware’s self-contained emergency lighting systems and central battery systems that are compatible with the cloud service. You only need an Internet connection and your mobile device or computer to use MyTeknoware. Beyond the MyTeknoware licence, no preliminary investments are needed prior to taking the service into use.

You can purchase the MyTeknoware commissioning as a service, and all you need to take care of is the installation of the devices.  We provide a maintenance service as well, and can monitor your emergency lighting systems on your behalf and perform the necessary maintenance actions.

Would you like to hear more? Jani Aalto (surname.lastname@teknoware.com) from our Emergency Lighting Division’s Sales-team, is happy to help you and provide any additional information. Don’t hesitate, contact Jani and let’s talk more.

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