Teknoware's 48th anniversary: Robust and ready to take on new challenges

Teknoware will celebrate its 48th anniversary on 19 May. To mark the occasion, we asked the company for any thoughts or news to share. CEO Kai Kauto answered our questions on behalf of Teknoware.

How would you describe the 48-year-old Teknoware?

The company is a robust, vibrant 48-year-old, operating in two different business areas, Emergency Lighting and Vehicle Solutions for public transportation. Teknoware has a good reputation and extensive expertise, making it a market leader in many different markets. Its finances are sound, so the money end of business is also in order. Teknoware is the sum of its employees, and we are a great group.

How has the company evolved over the years?

Teknoware’s roots are in Lahti. Over the past years, this small Finnish lighting supplier has grown into an international company. At the moment, the company employs around 600 experts in eight different countries, on three different continents. A year ago, we carried out the biggest acquisition in our history and the integration that followed has created some buzz. We used to have three factories, but through the acquisition, the number of production plants grew to six. This expansion has brought us new customers and challenges. Teknoware has experienced a breakthrough in technology and competence: a lighting supplier has grown into a supplier of intelligent lighting systems and interior solutions. People at Teknoware have grown with the company, and these days in addition to mechanical and electronics engineers, we also need more software experts.

How is the 48-year-old going to celebrate?

Very differently compared to previous years. We have usually had our summer party around this time of the year with our entire crew in Lahti, but this year we can’t celebrate together.

Corona has blurred everything. These past few months, we have been keeping a close eye on the situation, our fingers on the pulse. We have usually been able to navigate through depressions successfully thanks to our complementing businesses. This time, the exceptional conditions took over everywhere at the same time. This is definitely the most challenging situation we have ever been in.

But I believe that we will tackle this challenge together as well. Our finances are solid, our balance sheet and cash flow are in order, and our factories are operating at an almost normal level. I am sure life as we know it will change on a global scale because of this epidemic. We are confident that megatrends like urbanisation, growth in public transportation and environmental protection will not disappear. Quite the opposite. As our business is greatly based on these factors, I strongly believe in Teknoware’s success in the future as well. 

What is the best thing about Teknoware?

I have been the CEO of this company for nine years now. This is a wonderful company with a wonderful staff. Teknoware’s foundation is in good shape: the majority shareholder is a good, recognized family business that is involved in the operations. It has been interesting to watch and participate in Teknoware’s upward trajectory. I would say that the best thing about Teknoware is the company as a whole.

What are Teknoware’s prospects and goals?

It is hard to say anything about the near future, but I am very confident about Teknoware: we will survive this situation as well, after which we can move ahead full speed once again.  We have a few growth projects in our pocket, which will bring growth and expansion opportunities in the upcoming years.

Your anniversary greetings

Teknoware is an agile company approaching its fiftieth anniversary. Still, it is important to keep limber in order to stay in shape in the upcoming decades. As you get older, keeping fit requires more and more hard exercise. Teknoware is a robust company that provides work for its staff and will be here to serve its customers and partners in upcoming decades as well.