Teknoware solutions light up the Tampere Tram

The first Tampere Tram started its trial traffic in May 2021. Regular tramway traffic started in August 2021. The tramway was built to facilitate everyday life in the fast-growing city and to support its development. Teknoware supplied the Tram with a complete ceiling solution that included the structures and the integrated lights, as well as the intelligent electronics used to control them.

Tampere is the third largest city in Finland and the largest inland city in the Nordic countries. The fast-growing city has decided to invest in developing public transport that utilises rolling stock. The Tampere Tram operates on the most congested public transport routes and supports the development of the city. Even though the population is growing, transport must still be environmentally friendly.

The Tampere Tram uses ForCity Smart Artic tram cars that are manufactured in Kajaani, at the Otanmäki factory of Škoda Transtech Ltd. The traffic is operated by a transport alliance formed by VR Group, Tampere Tramway Ltd and the City of Tampere. The Tampere Tram is to date the largest tram car setup manufactured in the Nordic countries – it can carry up to 264 passengers at a time.

“Working together with Teknoware has been fruitful and we will continue to seek new solutions together to improve the travelling experience in the future as well,” says Ollipekka Heikkilä, Head of Sales in Light Rail Solutions at Škoda Transtech.

Lighting is a matter of safety – without compromising comfort

The Tampere Tram is accessible, spacious, air-conditioned and designed specifically for northern conditions. Besides comfort, safety is of high importance in the design of the Tram. Lighting plays a central part in it.

Teknoware supplied the Tram with the entire ceiling, including its panel structures with the lighting solution: the lights and the electronics needed to control them. The lighting is meant to create pleasant conditions for travelling, and they also work as signals to others in traffic to notify them of the movements of the silent Tram. For example, the signal light stripe in the front changes colour to show when the tram car is moving and when it is still.

It is possible to adjust the colour temperature of the direct and indirect lighting. Special attention has been paid to the proper lighting of the cabin and the doorways. Digital sensors installed in the side ceiling panels react automatically to the amount of daylight and adjust the interior lighting to the optimal level.

The ceiling conceals intelligent electronics

Teknoware is known around the world as the expert of lighting. For the Tampere Tram, the company supplied a complete solution that guarantees the fitting and functioning of the lights in all situations. In addition to the lights and the electronics used to control them, Teknoware supplied the Tram with a complete ceiling solution, including structures.

“The Tampere Tram was all in all an interesting project for us, because it concretely showcases our expertise not only in lighting but also in other areas. The ceiling panels we supplied conceal intelligent solutions that the daily passenger won’t necessarily even think about,” says Esa Melkko, Business Director at Teknoware.

Local production is a strategic solution

Localness is of strategic importance to Teknoware. The ceiling constructions and lighting solutions of the Tampere Tram were designed and manufactured in Finland, as were the ForCity Smart Artic tram cars. Teknoware has production plants in different parts of the world, for example in Asia and America, which allows us to easily provide for projects on different continents. This makes our products readily available and helps to reduce the environmental impacts caused by long-distance transport, among other things.

Teknoware supplied the Tampere Tram with:


  • Direct lighting with colour temperature control and active dimming
  • Indirect lighting with active dimming
  • Signal lights above doorways
  • Cabin lighting
  • Signal light stripe and logo light in the front of the tram

Ceiling solution:

  • The ceiling of the passenger cabin
    •     Side ceiling panels and side ceiling bracket profiles
    •     Curved mid-ceiling panels
    •     Lighting panels
  • The cabin ceiling and frame
  • The entrance ceiling and frame
  • Air ducts and supporting structures