NEW: The TKT7 is a flexible addressable central battery unit with a touch screen user interface

We have developed a completely new 230 V central battery system product family. The TKT7 series offers an efficient, high-tech emergency lighting solution for medium to large-sized buildings. You can easily modify the system according to your needs, making the new TKT7 series a truly flexible choice.


  • Automatic addressable testing.
  • User-friendly: all models come with a bright touch-screen and logical user interface.
  • You can define different user levels according to usage.
  • Selectable output circuits: parallel connections are possible up to 1400 W.
  • The TKT7 series is compatible with all our 230 V addressable luminaires.
  • It automatically detects the luminaires in your system. No data cables, no hassle.
  • Full system CBU configuration backup to USB drive.
  • High performance: maximum power up to 25.2 kW.


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