NEW: Teknoware Vision is a multifunctional, general-purpose high-end train headlight

"You make excellent interior lights for rail rolling stock, so why don't you also make the exterior lights?” R&D Manager Tuomas Koivisto couldn't stop himself thinking about this customer-driven question a few years ago. He discussed the issue with the Teknoware D&TD Team (Design and Technology Department), and as a result, they decided to start the design work."We want to serve our customers in the best possible way. We have the global understanding and top-level expertise in lighting solutions for rolling stock in-house, so why not?" Tuomas Koivisto says.

Teknoware’s extensive know-how and experience in the design and implementation of lighting solutions were combined with visual appearance. The vision was born – Teknoware Vision. It is a bright, multifunctional light unit for modern rolling stock. Vision is a headlight which includes all the external light functions required on European railways. The modern and innovative design provides a homogeneous, highly efficient and supremely reliable light source.

Tuomas Koivisto is delighted with the result: "We can stand proudly behind the Vision. It is a stylish, compact alternative that is cost efficient over its life-cycle, and which assures clear visibility on the rails in every situation."

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