NEW: Teknoware Smooth is a small and elegant emergency light optimised for outdoor use

"Our goal was to design and execute a small and durable emergency light optimised for outdoor use, which would blend seamlessly into the architecture of the building. The original idea was customer-driven", the Teknoware R&D Team says, explaining the starting point for the design of the new emergency light. The Team started their work by sketching on paper, and they showed the first sketches to the customers who had originally requested the emergency light. The next step was to put the sketches into a design program so that 3D models could be printed. The development work then progressed from the finishing touches to production, and the Smooth emergency light was born.

The design and execution of emergency lights must be done carefully. The finished products must meet demanding standards. "The Smooth is a chic and smooth emergency light because the luminaire and the indoor electronic unit are separated. The casing of the luminaire is made of durable cast aluminium, so it resists dust and water, and vandalism when needed", the R&D Team reveals. You can also use the elegant Smooth for general lighting, so this new luminaire is a multi-functional choice.

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