NEW: Steel emergency exit light, an elegant and durable luminaire with a metal body

Teknoware’s product development team proudly presents our latest emergency exit light, called Teknoware Steel. Designed and manufactured in Lahti, it is born out of customers’ needs. ‘We had heard that there is a need in many market areas for an emergency exit light with a metal body that would be suitable for high-class premises,’ explain the product development team. ‘The light should also be versatile and durable both in terms of design and functionality.’ With these objectives in mind, the product development team started brainstorming. Their ideas transformed into prototypes and concepts that were further discussed among team members.

‘The development process of the metal light involved many stages, and producing a well-functioning result required a great deal of expertise and high-quality components. All of our emergency lighting products, including Steel, are made in our own factory by a professional team, who know the ins and outs of the process,’ explain the members of the product development team. The concepts were tested along the way, with the best ideas picked for further development. Eventually everything fell into place, and the concept was ready for production. Soon our product development team received the finished product – the new Teknoware Steel – from our production facilities downstairs.

The light plate has a narrow stainless steel frame that lends the luminaire an air of elegance and makes it suitable for high-class premises. However, the elegant design was not achieved at the expense of practicality and functionality. Combined with its elegant appearance, the versatile installation options and its viewing distance of over 60 m make the Steel luminaire a great option when you are looking for both elegance and durability from your building’s emergency lighting.

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