NEW: Stamina is an effective and compact outdoor emergency light

It is important for the outdoor areas of property exit routes to be illuminated well. Teknoware’s Stamina is manufactured specifically for this requirement. It is designed for demanding applications and northern conditions, where excellent performance and durability are required from lighting equipment. The cast aluminium frame and special technology used in each self-contained Escap emergency light ensure the functionality of the IP65 and IK10 under various weather conditions, and it also withstands external impacts.

Centrally powered lighting units, as well as self-contained Escap emergency lights, are available to choose from. The Stamina can also be used for general lighting purposes.

You can acquaint yourself with the Stamina product family here:

Stamina Zone

Stamina Zone Highoutput

Stamina Line Lowbay

Stamina Line Midbay