NEW: Slimspot II is a recessed emergency light

Slimspot II is a recessed emergency light, which, thanks to its compact size and straight-line design, blends seamlessly into the roof structure. The optics are designed to provide a broad, uniform lighting pattern that illuminates open areas effectively. The wide range of safety lights and optics provide you with illumination for different types and sizes of open areas and corridors.

The Slimspot II product range includes indoor lights for open areas and safety lights designed to illuminate exit routes. Teknoware offers both self-contained and centrally supplied emergency lights. Self-contained emergency lights are lights that contain their own backup power source, such as a battery or a super-capacitor. The product family includes both round and rectangular models of luminaire.

Discover our Slimspot II products here:

Corridor models:

Slimspot II: Line Lowbay

Slimspot II: Line Midbay

Open area models:

Slimspot II: Zone Lowbay

Slimspot II: Zone Midbay

Slimspot II: Zone Highoutput