NEW: Control your emergency lighting systems anytime and anywhere with MyTeknoware

Control your emergency lighting systems by leveraging the power of the cloud to connect, locate and manage them. From one single portal. Anytime and anywhere. MyTeknoware lets you do this in a secure, flexible and fast way.

Emergency lighting makes it possible to safely and quickly evacuate buildings in the case of an emergency. The owner of the building is responsible for the emergency lighting. However, the emergency lighting system may consist of a large number of luminaires located throughout the building, and a property owner may have many properties.

MyTeknoware is a cloud-based portal that makes it easy to monitor emergency lighting systems remotely. You can see the locations of all your emergency lighting systems in real-time, at one glance, no matter how many you have or how large your emergency lighting systems are. You can also subscribe to your portal to receive email summaries and alerts from the system.



Monitor your emergency lighting systems anytime, anywhere. By subscribing to your portal, you’ll receive email summaries and alerts from the system.

Fast ja secure

MyTeknoware is a cloud-based portal, which is powered by Amazon (AWS), so you don’t need a local database. It uses SSL-certified access for secure communication through your browser.


You can add users according to your needs for free.


It’s a cost-effective solution because you can check all your emergency lighting systems, anywhere, without travelling to the site. 

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