NEW: Adaptive ESC 80X warns about dangerous escape routes

Emergency lighting lets people safely evacuate buildings during an emergency; they simply follow the emergency exit lights. However, sometimes escape routes can become life-threatening, for example during fires. With adaptive systems, emergency exit signs on escape routes can automatically adapt in real-time according to the nature and location of the danger.

The Teknoware ESC 80X adaptive emergency exit light adapts automatically, if necessary, to warn about dangerous escape routes. Under normal conditions, the ESC 80X works like any normal exit light.

The ESC 80X is a part of the versatile ESC 80 product family. Thanks to its high-quality electronics and powerful LEDs, the luminaire's pictogram is clear and even in all conditions. With its slender light-plate, this luminaire is particularly suitable for elegant spaces and, thanks to its IP44 enclosure class, also for humid spaces. The ESC 80X is currently available for central battery systems.


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