Easy and flexible upgrading of emergency lighting in small properties

Often, renewing the general lighting of old properties is easy. But the upgrading of emergency lighting can feel difficult, particularly if the property is small. What to do with the old central battery unit? Which product can I use to replace a 24 V system? What about a 230 V system? Sometimes, people postpone the upgrading of their old central battery unit because they think the installation is difficult or the solution too costly. The emergency and emergency exit lights might be equipped with fluorescent lamps, and their present condition unknown. So, how to proceed?

Our addressable 24 V central battery unit is a solution to many of these problems. It is an easy-to-install and compact solution with only two batteries. With the 24 V central battery unit, implementing emergency lighting is feasible even if the system has only 30 luminaires. To reap the full benefits of an addressable central battery unit, we recommend not only modernising the central battery unit but also replacing the emergency and emergency exit lights with up-to-date addressable LED luminaires. This improves the safety of the property and reduces maintenance and lifecycle costs.

24 V system replaces 24 V system
If the property has a 24 V system, replacing it with a new 24 V system is easy. The mounting is easy, as the new system can utilise the existing wiring. The Teknoware 24 V central battery unit (TKT2404) weighs under 12 kg without batteries. There are two batteries, which means the unit is not too heavy even with batteries.

24 V system replaces 230 V system
Some old properties might have a heavier 230 V central battery unit. Previously, emergency lighting was typically based on fluorescent lamps, which meant that the entire system required a lot of power. In those days, the problem with 24 V systems was the voltage drop of cables, which meant that 24 V systems could only be used in small properties. The input power of modern LED luminaires is notably lower compared to old fluorescent lamps, which means that a 24 V supply is sufficient also for larger systems. Old 230 V systems can easily be replaced with a 24 V system, particularly in small properties. Teknoware’s 24 V central battery unit is safe and easy to install using existing supply cables.

Benefits of an addressable system
What are the costs and potential savings when an existing central battery system of a small-scale property is replaced, for example, with Teknoware’s addressable 24 V central battery unit? The cables do not need to be replaced, only the central battery unit and the luminaires. The central battery unit is self-learning, so it saves the lighting settings during commissioning. The system automatically monitors individual luminaires and the condition of batteries. The user can specify the frequency of automatic regular tests. There is no room for human error or oversight, which improves the safety of the property. Optional ACM software enables remote monitoring of the system and easy email notifications directly to the user’s email. In addition to saving time, automatic testing and remote monitoring cut down maintenance costs.

Would you like to hear more?
If you want to learn more about upgrading emergency lighting in small properties, Teknoware’s emergency lighting sales is happy to help and provide more information. We also have a wide selection of solutions for other types of properties. Please contact emexit@teknoware.com to hear more details of our offering.

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