Escap Emergency and Exit Lights with Super Capacitors


Teknoware launched the self-contained Emergency and Exit Lights, using Super Capacitor technology, already in 2008. Escap won the prize of the Most Innovative Product at the SähköTeleValo&AV fair in Jyväskylä, Finland, that year.  Escap Emergency and Exit Lights are the easiest and effortless solution for planning and realising the emergency lighting system in a building. All Escap luminaires have a 12-Year (2+10) Warranty Scheme, which covers the backup power source, the Super Capacitors, as well as the light source, the LEDs. 

Escap Emergency and Exit Lights are practically service-free during their entire life span, even for more than 12 years.

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ESCAP Emergency and Exit Lights

Teknoware's Escap product range covers a comprehensive selection of both Emergency and Exit Lights, for different types of buildings and purposes.

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For emergency lighting there have been and still are only two basic solutions, both of which are determined by the location of the battery:

  • Central battery systems, where a central battery bank powers several luminaires
  • Self-contained systems, where each luminaire has its own battery

Each alternative offers certain advantages and disadvantages. Central battery systems offer the advantage of easy testing and maintenance, whereas self-contained systems offer flexible installations due to simpler cabling. The definitive disadvantage of self-contained systems has been the limited lifespan of batteries. Besides which, the changing of batteries could be very labour intensive as the batteries are located in possibly hundreds of luminaires.

Teknoware solves the battery problem of self-contained luminaires by replacing the batteries with Escap technology. Using LED luminaires and the wireless Aalto Control central monitoring system together, it is possible to create a solution where the advantages of both central battery and self-contained systems can be combined, and the disadvantages eliminated.

Escap is a self-contained luminaire product line which combines capacitive energy storage with the latest LED technology. Unlike traditional applications, the energy required during a power outage is not stored in traditional electrochemical batteries but in very high capacitance low-voltage capacitors.

Super capacitors cannot replace batteries directly due to their different voltage characteristics. A capacitor’s charge voltage and current must be controlled accurately and as wide a relative voltage range as possible must be utilised when the capacitor is discharged. Teknoware has developed special power converter technology to overcome these challenges and as a result, it has been possible to utilise this quickly advancing technology in practical applications.


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Lumi Test self-diagnosis is available for Teknoware's self-contained emergency and exit lights. Lumi Test automatically tracks and tests the reliable operation of the luminaires. The LED indicators (one green and one red) display the status of the luminaires, the red LED indicates fault. The luminaire´s functionality and light source are tested daily. Full emergency mode duration is automatically tested every 6 months. The luminaires equipped with Lumi Test have the letter M or A in the end of the product code.


Aalto Control provides a wireless central monitoring for self-contained Emergency and Exit Lights. There is no need to connect the luminaires with data cables, each luminaire only needs a local power supply, like any standard self-contained luminaire. All the benefits of the self-contained luminaires are preserved, and each luminaire functions independently. Aalto Control PC System can include and up to 5 000 luminaires. The new Aalto Control WMU (Wireless Monitoring Unit) in installed on a wall and does not need a separate PC.

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