West Terminal 2, Port of Helsinki, Finland

The new West Terminal 2 of Helsinki Port is located at the end of West Harbour in Helsinki Jätkäsaari. Terminal 2 is designed to serve especially fast scheduled traffic between Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia and its 6-7 million annual passengers. West Terminal 2 serves passengers of Tallink Megastar and Star and Eckerö Line MS Finland. West Terminal 2 was opened in February 2017.

The emergency lighting system in the West Terminal 2 consists of Tapsa Control TKT65C Central Battery System of Teknoware. The Emergency Exit Lights are addressable ESC 80 and ESC 81. Linespot II Lowbay and SAFE 29 are used as Emergency lights. Both recess mounting frames for Emergency Exit Lights as well as bodies of Emergency Lights were special painted with several RAL colours to fit into the building interior. For more information, please contact Sales department emexit@teknoware.com