The S-market Hennala, Lahti, Finland

The S-market in Hennala Lahti was completed in the summer of 2016. Hennala's S-market partially uses solar energy, with 40 solar panels installed on its roof, which according to estimates generate 15% of the real estate's need for electricity.

Trade emergency and exit lights are monitored using the wireless Aalto Control central monitoring system, TST5108 Aalto Control WMU. The system also includes a TST5105 Aalto Control signal amplifier. The S-market's emergency exit lighting has been implemented with ice-covered ESC 90 lights with Aalto Control system. Emergency lighting, in turn, has been implemented with environmentally-friendly, self-testing ESCAP Zonespot II Lowbay (super capacitors as power source) lights with Aalto Control technology.