The Lahti City Hospital, Lahti, Finland

The Lahti City Hospital is undergoing renovations in 2017 during the year. Instead of replacing the old wards of the hospital, the reception facilities of the new main health station will be renovated. The renovation will be ready by the end of 2018, when the main health station will move from Paavola to the city hospital.

The Emergency and Emergency Exit Lights in the city hospital are central monitored by Teknoware's wireless Aalto Control -system. The hospital's Aalto Control- system is operated by Teknoware's TST5103 -coordinator and TST5104C -software.
The hospital´s Exit Lighting has been implemented with the self-contained
ESCAP ESC 80 Emergency Exit Lights with the Aalto Control system. Emergency lighting has been implemented with ESCAP (super capacitors as power source) Self-Testing Emergency Lights with the Aalton Control system: Zonespot II Lowbay surface mounted, Zonespot II Lowbay recess-mounted, Linespot recess-mounted and Linespot II Lowbay -self-contained Emergency Lights.