Adaptability in emergency exit lights

With adaptive emergency exit lights, you can implement an emergency lighting system that adapts automatically in real time according to the nature and location of the danger.* The goal of an adaptive system is to speed up and improve the safety of evacuation.

Operating principle in a central battery system

The Teknoware ESC 80X adaptive emergency exit light requires a Teknoware Route Controller control unit, a Teknoware Intelligent Controller interface and a central battery unit to work. The Route Controller is connected between the circuit output and the adaptive luminaire. The control unit automatically controls all subsequently connected luminaires in that output circuit. The information is transferred via the control unit to the adaptive luminaire, in which case the green symbol goes out, and a red X symbol is activated instead.

The adaptive luminaire can be controlled by almost any system that provides relay contact information. The control unit has four potential-free contact inputs, and any of these will activate the X symbol. The data to the luminaires is transferred along the power supply cables, so no separate data cabling is required. Under normal conditions, the adaptive signal light works like a normal signal exit light.

Ask for more information from your local emergency light sales.

*) A standard for adaptive systems is currently being prepared. The system always requires the approval of local authorities.