ACM Advanced Central Monitoring Software

Teknoware's Advanced Central Monitoring (ACM) is a centralized remote monitoring system, using a separate network, for Teknoware’s addressable central battery systems.

ACM uses RS485 protocol, which enables up to 1 km distance between the central battery system and the computer. 1-150 central battery systems can be connected into a single ACM system. The condition of the central battery systems and the luminaires can be seen from the screen of the ACM remote management system software. The user may also run luminaire and battery tests. ACM automatically saves a test log book in accordance with the standard EN 50172.

From the computer with ACM, it is possible to connect e.g. to a building automation system using BACnet.

ACM system description

  • PC with ACM software is connected to a modem with a USB cable, extension from the modem to the central battery unit is done with CAT 5/6 cable.
Product CodeProduct NameCompatible Product Groups
TST6721ACM Interface TST6721TKT67C Central Battery Systems
TST5131ACM PC Software TST5131Addressable 230 V Central Battery Systems, TKT65C Central Battery Systems, TKT66C Central Battery Systems, TKT67C Central Battery Systems, TKT68C Central Battery Systems
TST5141ACM PC System with BACnet Interface TST5141
TST6821ACM Interface TST6821TKT68C Central Battery Systems
TST6621ACM Interface TST6621TKT66C Central Battery Systems
TST6521ACM Interface TST6521TKT65C Central Battery Systems
TST2431ACM PC software TST2431TKT24 - Addressable Central Battery System


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