Central Monitoring for Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting central monitoring options for both self-contained and centrally supplied emergency lighting systems.

Advantages of Central Monitoring

A central monitoring system monitors all individual components of an emergency lighting system, and gathers all collected information to a single location. This makes monitoring the system fast and easy, no matter how complicated the location is. The system also records data about performed tests. Central monitoring systems can be customised to fit the location perfectly.

For example: depending on the chosen sysem, the user could select a suitable time for an emergency light to perform an independent battery test. If this light detects a problem, it would inform the central monitoring system. The system writes down all information about said test into a log file, and reports the issue to maintenance personnell via selected contact method, such as email. Maintenance could then locate said luminaire from a map view, and take the necessary actions.

Teknoware’s Central Monitoring Products

Teknoware offers several different options for monitoring addressable centrally supplied luminaires. For self-contained luminaires there is also a wireless monitoring system, Aalto Control.

For web based central monitoring there is Web Central Monitoring, which enables monitoring the state of a central battery system via internet. WebCM also indicates test log information, and has the option of remotely run emergency light and battery tests. The more advanced software, WebACM, also adds a map view to the system, which makes locating the luminaires easy and fast. WebACM is a user based software, with several user levels for locations where there might be several people using the system.

Teknoware Advanced Central Monitoring system (ACM), uses a separate network for addressable (Tapsa Control compatible) central battery units. ACM contains a map view, and a variety of options and functions for monitoring both central battery units and emergency / exit lights.

Aalto Control is our solution for self-contained emergency lights central monitoring. Aalto Control is a wireless system containing map view, user based functionalities, reporting, system logs and much more. With Aalto Control the emergency lights can be divided into categories, such as sites, buildings and areas, for easy browsing of even the largest locations. Being wireless, Aalto Control does not require a central battery unit, and can be implemented to locations where additional cabling is not an option. We have also designed acessories and upgrades for Aalto system that enable the usage of for example relay-based alarm devices.

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