Local Controllers for Central Battery Systems

IP 20

Local Controller enables the local control of emergency lights in central battery system. It monitors the electrical network by each fuse box and controls the local emergency lights.

Local Controller allows that the emergency lights are switched on, if irregularities occur in the power supply of the normal lighting. Maintained and non-maintained emergency lights can be connected to the same circuit cable.

  • Install Local Controller in the circuit cabling before the monitored emergency lights. Voltage information is brought from the fuse box of the area.


Here's how it works
Local Controller is installed to the circuit cable of the emergency lights, before the emergency lights. Voltage data is brought from the fuse box of the area to Local Controller, and it senses the phases of the fuse box. When the phases have deficiencies, the data is transmitted via the Local Controller to the non-maintained emergency lights and they will be switched on. After the normal electrical network has returned, the emergency lights operate for about 20 seconds, after which they are switched off automatically (if the delay is set to 0 minutes).

Power failure messages in real time
TST6804 and TST6805 devices also have a switch control input, trimmer or DIP switch. They control how long the luminaires stay on after return of normal input (0-15 minutes).

The relay output of the device can also be used to alert of a local power failure.

The non-maintained emergency lights in the Local Controller system must be addressable, with the letter K at the end of the type code.

Product CodeProduct NamePower Consumption (VA)Mounting
TS90685Local Controller TS90685250inside a distribution panel
TS90686Local Controller TS90686250surface
TS90695Local Controller TS90695250inside a distribution panel
TS90696Local Controller TS90696250surface
TST6801Local Controller TST68011400inside a distribution panel, DIN rail
TST6802Local Controller TST68021400surface
TST6803Local Controller TST68031400inside a distribution panel, DIN rail
TST6804Local Controller TST68041400surface
TST6805Local Controller TST68051400inside a distribution panel, DIN rail

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