Address Modules for Central Battery Systems

Product CodeProduct NameMax Input Power VAMax Input Power WCurrent Limit for Fault Detection (mA)
TS98263Separate address module TS982631 VA1 W10 ±5
TS98263BSeparate address module TS98263B1 VA1 W5 ±2,5
TS98253Separate address module TS982531 VA1 W10 ±5
TS98253BSeparate address module TS98253B1 VA1 W10 ±5
TS98254Separate address module TS982541 VA1 W10 ±5
TS98255Separate address module TS982552 VA2 W400
TS98271Separate address module TS982712 VA2 W10 ±5
TS98281Separate address module TS982811,5 VA1,5 W10 ±5
TST9604BAddress Module with Controlled Switch Mode TST9604B20

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