Central Battery Systems

High quality Central Battery Systems, from small central backup power supply units to big, centrally monitored Emergency Lighting systems, containing thousands of addressable Emergency and Exit Lights.

What is Central Battery System?

In short, Central Battery System for Emergency Lighting means, that the backup power source for the Emergency and Exit Lights is provided centrally. In other words, each Emergency and Exit Light does not need to have a battery or super capacitor of their own. Central Battery System is often perceived as a solution for large buildings and sites, but, it may often pay off use a small Central Battery System in a building with no more than twenty Emergency and Exit Lights.

Teknoware’s Central Battery Systems

Teknoware offers a wide range of products for Central Battery Systems, including 24 V Central Battery Systems, addressable and non-addressable 230 V Central Battery Systems. In addition to Central Battery Units, there are diverse accessories and options, to complete the centrally supplied Emergency Lighting Systems, including Intelligent Controller, Local Controllers, Switch Controllers, Remote Central Monitoring Options, or Interface for Building Management Systems.

All of our Central Battery Units, components and accessories are designed in Lahti, Finland. Teknoware’s Central Battery Systems are built in our own factories to order, with the aim of optimizing both their price and their functionality.

Why Central Battery System?

A Central Battery System has a couple of advantages over a self-contained Emergency Lighting System. Firstly, because there are no batteries or super capacitors in the luminaires themselves, there are less components to maintain and service. This truly pays off, when the natural life span of the batteries are coming to an end. With a Central Battery System, the replacement of the batteries can be done in one location, in contrast to Self-Contained Emergency and Exit Lights, where the batteries must be replaced one-by-one, in each luminaire.

With Addressable Central Battery Systems, there are also several ways to centrally monitor the entire Emergency Lighting System. Central Monitoring of the Addressable Emergency and Exit Lights makes it possible to monitor each lighting circuit and luminaire individually. Teknoware’s Central Monitoring Systems for Central Battery Systems can also be integrated, via an interface, in a Building Management System.

Due to a simpler electrical design, and the lack of an individual backup power source, the Centrally Supplied Emergency and Exit Lights are also more affordable, than Self-Contained Emergency and Exit Lights. Though, in case of a Central Battery System, the Central Battery Unit itself, together with Batteries, Battery Cable, Battery Cabinet and optionally a Central Remote Monitoring System, need to be purchased, there are tipping points, where a Central Battery System simply is a more cost effective solution, for implementing an Emergency Lighting System in a building.

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