People tend to take the presence of light for granted. We take it seriously. As a leading provider of vehicle and emergency lighting we understand the relevance and potential of light. We see our role in building and maintaining Confidence in everything we do and deliver.

Our operations are defined by our sense of determination and responsibility – only the best will do. That has given rise to our unbreakable chain, who’s strength lies in trust in every part of the whole.  From design to production and service, all aspects are under our control and represents our best know-how. The unity of the chain, our control over the entire process and our trust in each link guarantee our confidence. When we take something on, it gets done.


When designing our products, we also take into account their appearance, functionality, safety and reliability, as well as environmental issues. Continuous development means, that our products are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards, and that they have earned a worldwide reputation. We will take complete responsibility, for designing an optimal LED lighting solutions, for your environment.


Our headquarters and main production facilities are situated in Lahti, Finland. In order to meet the requirements of local vehicle interior lighting markets in USA, we also have a production unit in Connecticut. We have all the main manufacturing processes for electronics and mechanics in-house, to ensure a high quality and precise delivery times. Over the years, Teknoware has manufactured millions of electronic inverters and LED drivers, which can be found in trains, busses, ships and buildings, around the globe.

In addition to our partners, operating in more than 30 countries around the world, we have our own sales offices in the USA, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Malaysia and Sweden. Teknoware products can be found in over 50 countries, worldwide.


We take pride in our high and consistent quality. This is guaranteed by our continuing emphasis on quality development, and our strict compliance with the ISO 9001 quality system and the ISO 14001 environmental management system. Every year we have several audits by our customers and third party auditors from certified bodies.



Our solid financial standing and stability makes us a reliable partner. As a family-owned company, we look things in a long-term perspective, and invest continuously, to keep Teknoware innovative and efficient.