Wireless Aalto Control Central Monitoring for Self-Contained Emergency and Exit Lights

Aalto Control remote monitoring enables the monitoring of self-contained luminaires wirelessly in a centralized manner. System does not require data cabling from one luminaire to another. Local power supply to the luminaires is enough.

Installation is simple and luminaires can be easily positioned, even together whilst during renovations. Each luminaire is a network node. It sends and receives messages to and from other luminaires. The signal penetrates light partition walls and doors, and moves with ease from one floor to another via stairways.

Aalto Control is very fault tolerant. It uses the network only for data collection. The network does not affect the operation of the luminaires. Aalto Control compatible luminaires have the letter A in the end of the product code. Aalto Control luminaire always includes the Lumi Test self testing feature. Up to a maximum of 800 luminaires per coordinator can be connected into one system.

Aalto Control 4.x PC software and the system allows for several different coordinators and networks to be added into single Aalto Control system.

Product CodeProduct Name
TST5103Aalto Wireless/ Ethernet Coordinator TST5103
TST5103BAalto Wireless/ Ethernet Coordinator TST5103B with UK plug
TST5104CAalto Control V4 PC Software TST5104C
TST5105Aalto Control Wall Router TST5105
TST5105BAalto Control Wall Router TST5105B with UK plug
TST5107Aalto Control Relay Output Module TST5107
TST5108Aalto Control Wireless Monitoring Unit (WMU) TST5108

Aalto Control always includes Lumi Test self-testing feature

Lumi Test self-diagnosis, which is available for self-contained lights, automatically tracks and tests the reliable operation of the luminaires. LED indicators (one green and one red) display the status of the luminaires. Red LED indicates fault. The luminaire´s functionality and light source are tested daily. Full emergency mode duration is tested every 6 months. Product codes of the self-contained lights with self-testing end in letter M or A.