Train Refurbishments

Teknoware also supports train operators by providing products for train refurbishment and LED upgrading projects. The main design idea is to offer for train refurbishments plug-and-play solutions by keeping all the dimensions, fixing points, supply connectors, etc., the same as on the existing fluorescent lights. Train refurbishment projects are a good opportunity to upgrade the lighting technology to LEDs and incorporate an intelligent lighting control system in the train. This modification will give a new fresher look and enhance passenger comfort, the products’ lifetimes will be significantly extended and power consumption and maintenance costs reduced.


Teknoware has a wide range of solutions available for train refurbishment projects, which as a minimum can be standard LED tubes or standard LED train refurbishment light units. In the case that original designs of fluorescent lights are kept, train refurbishment batten units can be provided. In many cases, the diffusers of the fluorescent lights have aged due to UV radiation. In this case, Teknoware is able to provide an LED-optimized diffuser replacement. In case the customer requires, as part of the train refurbishment, a wider scope to be refurbished, then complete ceiling structures with incorporated LED lights can be offered.


Teknoware train refurbishment products are not limited only to main lighting solutions. We have experience in refurbishing halogen or incandescent spot lights to LED spot lights, and platform lights to RGB ambient lights. As part of the train refurbishment, LED upgrades have also been done by providing customized LED lights which have been installed on luggage racks and seat frames. Train refurbishments are not limited only to interior lights – exterior light upgrades are also available.

If your train is equipped with Teknoware or other fluorescent lights and you are planning to perform a train refurbishment, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team or local representative