Train Destination Signs

The train destination signs are for example, signs installed in the front, on the sides or at the back of light rail vehicles such as trams. Normally, the destination signs indicate the route number and destination of the vehicle. The names of the places along the route can also be displayed on the destination signs, as well as other information that the traffic contractor deems necessary.

As systems, destination signs can be connected to the passenger information systems of both vehicles and stations. Teknoware Inc.'s train destination signs support train communication standards (including IEEE 1473-1999) and Ethernet (TCP / UDP) LAN,and are available in four different types.

The most traditional train destination signs are the rotating roller signs, which are perfectly visible regardless of the time of day and weather conditions. These signs also allow routes to be indicated in different colours. Other available train destination sign options are e.g. LED-, liquid crystal or vacuum fluorescent tube technologies based solutions. Taking into account the application-specific differences, each technology has its own advantages, and  freely selectable combinations of these may be provided. Teknoware Inc. has a wide range of train destination signs from which most customers will find a solution that suits them. In addition, new products can be designed according to the customer's special needs. To ensure the quality and reliability of the products as well as the prompt service of Teknoware Inc.'s customers, the design and manufacture of all products is the company's own work. Signs can also be renewed.

The train destination signs supplied by Teknoware Inc. are designed for particularly demanding rail applications in North America. The latest generation models are:

- DC-powered efficient and high-contrast model

- Automatic brightness adjustment according to ambient light

- Display modes for several standard messages

- Display of a user-defined bitmap image

- Error logging in to non-volatile memory

- Portable remote testing program

- Optional RGB blocks


Train destination signs are only available for the North American market.