Vehicle Solutions

Confidence is a critical function in vehicle lighting. Lighting is an inconspicuous message of confidence and quality to the passenger. It ensures safety, enables comfort, provides functionality and reflects quality.

We provide confidence through our unbreakable chain of design, production, delivery and service. From listening to our customers’ needs, understanding the end users desires we use our experience of over 40 years to create solutions. In addition to understanding and emphasizing the role of light in the transportation vehicle business, we acknowledge our role in the business of our customers. The unbreakable chain enables us to fulfill and even surpass expectations – on target, on time, on function.





Teknoware Oy is a global vehicle lighting system supplier. Vehicle lighting solutions have made us a trusted supplier for the largest bus and train manufacturers on the market. We have wide experience in fulfilling client and specific project requirements by designing and manufacturing individual vehicle lighting solutions. We provide high quality vehicle lighting systems for new vehicles as well as for refurbishments and LED upgrading projects.

Vehicle Lighting is one of the key features to create a safe and comfortable travelling experience on public transport. It is also one of  the most cost-efficient ways of improving the experience of passengers on public transport. We also take into account the appearance, functionality, safety and reliability of the products as well as environmental issues in the overall design of the interior lighting.  

Teknoware uses the latest 3D modelling, rapid prototyping, simulations and full-scale mock-ups to optimize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of vehicle lighting systems. We take full responsibility for producing functional vehicle lighting solutions for companies that keep people moving all over around the world. We achieve the flexibility for project execution by keeping R&D, design and production under the same roof.

From the wide service scope, our clients will find the right solutions for their needs from an LED light or electronic unit to complex optimized vehicle lighting systems, containing different types of light sources and attached structures. We offer vehicle lighting solutions integrated with the overall design of the vehicle and provide sufficient and pleasant lighting. Teknoware’s product range includes LED lights and extensive LED light panels, attached structures for ceiling lighting and complete ceiling systems. Teknoware’s electronics consists of highly intelligent lighting control systems, LED power supplies, fluorescent lighting inverters, and halogen converters.


Teknoware USA, our subsidiary in the USA, continues the over 100-year-long tradition of Trans-Lite to supply reliable interior and exterior vehicle lighting systems as well as destination signs for train markets in North America. Teknoware USA has a solid co-operation with Teknoware Oy, offering its vehicle lighting solutions to public transportation vehicle manufacturers. Teknoware USA also supplies spare parts for the lighting solution previously delivered by Teknoware Oy and Trans-Lite.