Vehicle Solution

Confidence is a critical function in public transportation. By combining two kinds of expertise – lighting solutions and interior structures – we aim to ease your journey towards a complete vehicle. Lighting is an inconspicuous message of confidence and quality to the passenger, and surrounding the light with the perfect interior solution lets you guarantee pleasant travel.

We listen to our customers’ needs and understand their end-users’ desires, and we use nearly 50 years of experience to create solutions that ensure safety, enable comfort, provide functionality and reflect quality. We provide confidence through our unbreakable chain of design, production, delivery and service. This unbreakable chain enables us to fulfil and even surpass your expectations globally, anywhere in the world – on target, on time, on function –and better still, all from one partner.

Because we are sure that the above is true, we can proudly say: “When the product has the Teknoware label on it, it is a guarantee that we have made it. From design to production. It is not just a label. It is a promise.”

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