Bus Lighting Electronics


The moment of activation of a vehicle is the starting point for our bus lighting electronics. Therefore, our bus lighting electronics are designed for a service life of 15 years. To ensure client satisfaction, clients' requirements and applicable specifications are taken into account in the design process. Our design process also includes wide in-house testing before we launch our standard power electronics in the market and all serial production units are tested for function and safety aspects in our ISO 9001-certified production process.


Our design process for bus lighting electronics takes into account the ISO16750 series standards and applicable SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering) standards. Our bus lighting electronics comply with the latest EMC-requirements for vehicles to ensure easy compatibility with other electronics inside the vehicle. Our bus products for the European market also have R10-cerficates. Moreover, bus lighting electronics and related lighting fixtures fulfil the UNECE-R118 requirements for burning behaviours.

The typical supply voltage range of Teknoware's bus lighting electronics is 12 - 24 VDC for different types of vehicles like mini-buses, heavy duty transit buses and coaches. Here are also included other special vehicles like ambulances, other medical vehicles, fire trucks and military vehicles. Some of these solutions include various types of LED strips, power supplies, dimming systems, emergency lighting for different types of LED-based light units and inverters for fluorescent lamps (linear T5 HE, T5 HO, T8 and various types of compact fluorescent lamps).

The requirements of the bus market are getting more demanding and the features of our bus lighting electronics have to develop in compliance with them. Passenger safety, comfort and energy savings of the vehicles all now play an augmented role in industry standards. This is why in our bus lighting electronics that we have introduced the new features active dimming, colour temperature control and internal battery packages for emergency use.

The design of bus lighting electronics can be specifically tailor-made for a client, but also standard bus lighting electronics can be found in Teknoware’s product range. For further information, please contact our global sales team.

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