Train Main Lights

Teknoware´s main interior train lighting and night lighting illuminate a train´s whole interior, ensuring sufficient visibility and providing the optimum level of light on a train. Smooth and uniform main lighting can be created, for example, by using blind units. The current range of Teknoware’s direct and indirect light fixtures beautifully complement the rest of the aesthetic of a train’s interior décor. The whole ceiling can be made of LED light panels to create a fully illuminated ceiling. Teknoware has a superior range of LED light panels, individual LED lights and LED light lines.


The LED light panels in different shapes and sizes can be used for illuminated ceiling solutions, or to cover large areas of ceiling. They will provide pleasant and even lighting in the interior of the vehicle without casting a glare. The LED light ceiling has controls for adjustment between a few levels of illumination.

Train Main LightsTrain Main LightsTrain Main LightsTrain Main LightsTrain Main LightsTrain Main Lights