Train Exterior Lights

Teknoware custom designs and manufactures the full spectrum of train exterior lights for rail cars and locomotives. When designing train exterior lights, we take into consideration the special requirements of its clients and also the requirements of regulations and industry norms such as EN15153 for luminosity and EN50155 for electronics. Train exterior lights are designed for intensive environmental conditions and therefore all products are waterproof and dustproof. For environmental requirements, Teknoware Inc. follows the regulation IEC 60068 and for shock and vibration, IEC61373. Train exterior lights have been developed originally for conventional light sources, such as halogen and incandescent. Most of the same designs are also available as LED solutions, but new train exterior lights are only designed with LEDs as the light source. The main advantages for using LEDs in train exterior lights are low maintenance costs and long warranty periods, due to the long lifetime of the LEDs. Low power consumption is an additional advantage as LEDs are energy efficient. LEDs also allow designers to develop imaginative train exterior light designs.

Teknoware´s train exterior lights product range includes: Headlights, Tail lights, Marker lights and Indicator Lights. All products are available in nominal voltage ranges, starting from 24Vdc to 110Vdc and indicator lights are available in several different colours. Electronics manufacturing for the train exterior lights is done in order to ensure the quality, reliability and safety of our electrical components. Mechanical manufacturing for the Train exterior lights is done at Teknoware Inc. and Teknoware Finland as well.

As an additional service, Teknoware’s design teams are able to support their clients with documentation and project management assistance. In addition to the basic documentation that we are able to provide for train lighting (LCC, RAMS) for Train exterior lights we are able to perform light level, light beam and light angle verifications.

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