Train Destination Signs

Train destination signs are signs mounted on the front, side or rear of light rail vehicles such as streetcars and trams. Train destination signs most commonly display the vehicle’s route number and destination. Train destination signs can also be used to display intermediary locations along the route on any other information that the operator of the line sees necessary.

Train destination signs are systems that can be linked to both on-board and station-based passenger information systems. Teknoware, Inc.’s train destination signs conform to standard communication protocols, including the IEEE 1473-1999 standard for train communications, further, Ethernet (TCP/UDP) and are available in four varieties.

The most traditional train destination signs are roller curtain signs, which feature outstanding visibility day and night and in different weather conditions.  These signs also allow the option of coloured route designations. Other available technologies include LED, LCD and vacuum fluorescent train destination sign systems. Each technology has its place, given the needs of the application, and can be produced in any combination. Teknoware, Inc. has an extensive product range for train destination signs, from which most clients are able to find a suitable solution, but new products can be designed according to specific client needs. All products are designed and produced in-house to ensure the quality and reliability of the products and rapid service to Teknoware Inc.’s clients. Products for refurbishment programs are also available.

The Train destination signs supplied by Teknoware Inc. are specifically designed for demanding North American rail applications. The latest generation’s designs include:

- DC drive, high-intensity, high-contrast design

- Automatic display intensity control for ambient lighting

- Multiple standard message display modes

- User-defined bitmap image display

- Error logging into non-volatile memory

- Remote Portable test software

- Optional RGB blocks

The train destination signs are only available for the North-American market.

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