Interior Solutions

Teknoware has wide experience in fulfilling clients’ and projects’ specific requirements by designing and manufacturing train interior light solutions. The company is known for its wide design capabilities, from complete LED train interior light systems to individual train interior light units as well as complete ceiling structures incorporating the LED train interior lights. Train interior light designs are supported by efficient 3D modelling, light-level simulations, rapid 3D printed prototypes and full-scale train mock-ups.


Teknoware’s reputation in the most challenging train interior light projects’ execution in the world has not been achieved by coincidence. Teknoware is continuously investing in the organization to ensure our flexibility, agility and high-tech product quality. Our professional personnel, together with our in-house R&D, design and production, ensure that we will meet our clients’ expectations and that projects will be delivered on time.

In the last few years, Teknoware’s train interior light product range has been expanded to train exterior lights and train destination signs. Train exterior lights cover a wide range of train headlights, train tail/marker lights, train indicator lights and train special lights. The destination sign range consists of front and side destination signs and route number signs. Colour indicators and blinker lights can be integrated directly into front destination signs.


For refurbishment projects, Teknoware has a wide range of train interior light solutions available, from LED tubes to direct replacement LED lights. With the direct replacement LED train interior light units, a project's lead time can be reduced significantly. Aesthetically and for passenger comfort, the direct replacement solutions are much better and totally on another level compared to typical LED-tube solutions. Advanced lighting controlling systems that lengthens the product lifetime, enhances passenger comfort and reduces power consumption and maintenance, can be introduced together with the direct replacement solutions, which is not possible with LED tubes.


Train interior lights are used in different kinds of rail vehicles, such as high-speed trains, local trains, metros, monorails, trams, cable cars and locomotives.

Our train interior light product range includes:
- Train main lights
- Train LED spotlights
- Reading lights
- Cabin lights
- Vestibule lights
- Door lights
- Toilet lights
- Emergency lighting systems
- Other train lights
- Ceiling systems
- Spare parts 


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