TCN Controllable Lighting System

The requirements for modern lighting systems have increased in recent years. Increased controlling capability and accurate predictive diagnostics in lighting systems are in demand. The source of these requirements is a direct connection to the TCN (Train Communication Network).

Teknoware’s TCN Controllable lighting system offers connections to the following networks:

- WTB Wire Train Bus
- MVB Multifunctional Vehicle Bus
- CCN CANopen Consist Network (CAN Bus etc.)
- ECN Ethernet Consist Network, for example Profinet and IPTcom 

Information shared between the ILC (Intelligent Lighting Control) System and the TCMS (Train Control and Management System) is formed, i.e., by the following parameters:

- The dimming level for each area  (1st class, std. class, vestibule)
- The interior temperature
- The condition (faults) and predictive diagnostics
- The usage hours / estimated lifetime capability to control the lighting from the TCMS 

Some of the intelligent light-controlling capabilities that our TCN Controllable lighting system offers:

- Active dimming: the lighting level is continuously adjusted in relation to the interior lighting conditions, which are measured with light sensors.
- Step dimming: different dimming levels (steps) for each area of the vehicle can be established (e.g., seating area vs. vestibule)
- Lighting levels and/or color temperature can be set to adjust in relation to interior and/or exterior lighting conditions. This can also be combined with Active Dimming.
- Dimming and colour temperature levels can also be set to adjust according to the train´s location (as drawn from GPS info from the TCMS), e.g., lighting intensity increases when arriving to a platform or entering a tunnel
- Different moods can be created by mixing colours with RGB LEDs 


When planning a project, Teknoware defines the protocols with the client, who specifies the information needed. In order to start developing the ILC for a client´s TCN controllable lighting system, we need the specifications of their current hardware and communication systems.

CCN CANopen Consist Network

The CANopen and CAN Bus networks need an NMT (Network Management) Master Device in order to function. Teknoware offers a master device that is easy to use with a touchscreen interface and allows flexible programming with a wide range of intelligent features for controlling the lighting, as well as for diagnosing the system.

With the CANopen and CAN Bus control systems, you can have the basic on/off features, but also adjust light color temperatures, dimming functions including active dimming, sensor-based light control and lighting diagnostics.  Lighting can also be controlled through electronic sensors according to passengers’ movements.

The simplest way is to follow CANopen application profile CiA-433, which is defined by CiA. However, another approach is also possible for a more customized system.

Teknoware´s TCN Controllabale Lighting System projects

Teknoware has supplied the train applications for two different kinds of projects based on CCN (CANopen).

One of them is based on the CANopen protocol. In this case, the light color temperatures are controlled through the system. The other one is based on the CAN Bus control system that was previously set up by the client. The meanings of the ID-messages used have been agreed upon with the client. This case is based on the client´s need for increased lighting life and reduced energy consumption costs. The lights will not be controlled by the TCMS, only the diagnostic data will be forwarded through the CAN Bus to the train computer. The product code of this application is TSB0640.

The TSB0640 units provice CANopen connectivity compliant to the Cia 433 profile