RGB-Led Lighting

In RGB LED lighting (red, green and blue) the parts generating red, green and blue light are all together in a single LED chip. The brightness of the components can be adjusted separately, and thus almost all of the hues can be created. RGB LED lighting can provide unique features of colour variability, allowing the user to select the desired colour tone of the lighting fixture. The lights can be set via a controller to cycle continuously according to a predetermined program, or to show any fixed colour.


RGB LED lighting creates different atmospheres as well as guide passengers, for example, via red & green lights. It creates changing moods in a passenger saloon or in various parts of the train by ranging from twilight to sunrise to the brightness of midday. Indirect lighting of an orange colour, for example, at the edges of luggage racks, can generate the mood of sunrise while the mood of twilight can be generated with a blue colour. The colours can also be adapted to the four seasons.

RGB LED lighting can also be used to define different areas of the train. For example the first class passenger areas can be of different colour than standard class passenger areas or different segments of the passenger car can be marked with different colours, such as the business area. Alternatively, trains running on different train lines can have different identification colours. Instead of having a fixed colour tone, by using RGB LED lighting, trains can be transferred with ease to other operating lines.

RGB LED Lighting can also be used to guide passengers. By using RGB LED lighting on entrance doors and changing opening doors’ lighting to green and closing doors to red, passenger flow can be optimised . RGB LED lighting can also be used for indicating approach to the station.