Bus & Coach Solutions


Teknoware has long experience in the bus lighting market. We provide high quality lights, bus lighting systems and wireless bell push systems for new buses and coaches. Our product range includes complete LED bus lighting systems, LED batten lights, LED spots, LED tubes, LED strips and inverters for fluorescent lights. We also supply various bus lighting control systems such as the Active Dimming, which adjusts the interior lighting inside the bus according to exterior light conditions. Another way of handling the lights is the colour temperature controlling system, which can be part of the active dimming system or a separate bus lighting feature.

Bus lighting is divided into three categories: customized bus lighting solutions, standard bus lighting and bus lighting components. These categories help our clients find the best solutions to meet their requirements.  Clients can choose whether they want to use basic electronics components, standard lights for small series, or customized bus lighting solutions reflecting clients' own designs and requirements.


Bus lighting for the interior represents one of the most cost-effective ways improve the travelling experience of passengers on public transport by creating a safe and comfortable environment. Visibility and ability to read are important aspects of passenger comfort. Teknoware continuously follows the latest requirements and norms of the bus industry by providing LED emergency lighting systems with an individual energy source.


Teknoware has been successful with bus lighting refurbishments and LED upgrade projects. With these projects, the lifetime of the bus can be prolonged. But more importantly, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs can be reduced.  Products are designed to be easy plug-and-play solutions, but LED batten lights and LED tubes are also available. Installation service for refurbishments and LED upgrade projects can be arranged through our cooperation partners.

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